Master Class

photo Urban Biking

Urban Biking

8th to 12th November, 2021

Nowadays bicycles are no longer just a smart, sustainable and functional way of getting around the city. They have also become a symbol of a lifestyle that is committed to practicing and transmitting the positive values ​​of contemporary living. This Master Class aims to investigate the new meanings that the bicycle is taking on in urban life, both as regards its purely functional aspects and as regards its new vocation as an “object of desire”, regardless of its practical use.

Guest: Martin Meier – Founder at


The duration of the on-line Master Class is 5 days, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 13:00 pm. During the last day of the Master Class the attendees will present their final concepts to the Designer. The attendees have two additional weeks to finalize their projects, during which regular reviews “face to face” with the Designer are planned. The official language of the Master Class is English. The maximum number of participants is limited. Master Class attendance is subject to the payment of the 750.00 Euro registration fee (VAT included). This cost includes participation in the Master Class and review of the related projects – in “face to face” mode – by the Designer, during the two weeks following the Master Class.