Design Workshops for the
New Market

Palomarlabs are on-line high-intensive workshops, promoted by Palomar and aimed at the new generations of designers. World renowned designers will guide you through the creation of innovative objects. Participants will have not only the opportunity to dialogue with leading designers but also to see their projects be put into production and get royalties. Learn from the best and make an impact today.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has deeply changed everyone’s behavior and everyday life. It is likely that reality as we used to know it will be radically different in the future. Palomarlabs invites to a reflection on the ideas, solutions and objects of the world of tomorrow. What new meanings will prevail in the post-crisis world? Let’s find out through the creation of extraordinary new products.

Wherever you are in the globe, dive deeply into a week of on-line intensive training activity together with our selected professionals.

The participants will identify and develop projects related to a specific theme, which is presented and studied in depth in its various theoretical, social and anthropological aspects.

The suitable resulting projects will be reviewed by the most prestigious museum shops, department and concept stores and will have the opportunity to be put into production and to generate revenues.

Each Participant will be given the opportunity to review, correct and better define his/her project for two weeks following the end of the workshop, before final delivery. The leading designer of the course will be available to the participant for review and revisions. The final projects will be evaluated by Palomar and its network of 100 Business Partners. The most deserving projects will be marketed and will effectively become part of Palomar catalogue.

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